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Career Pathways

Ever get stumped on the simple matter of how to get from here to there? Or, in career terms, how to get into a career and advance to the next level and the one after that?

Career Pathways can help you navigate that maze. You can see at a glance the knowledge, skills, education, and other qualities you'll need to get into a career and the additional steps it will take to get promoted. But note that these aren't the only pathways: You can become an industrial engineer by starting out as a manufacturing technician, as mapped out in the pathway here — but if you're able to stay in school you may be able to move into industrial engineering directly. Take a look at the fields below.

And follow their routes at Career Pathways.

Electricity and Power Generation

  • Electrical Engineering
    • Electrical Equipment Assembler
    • Electro-Mechanical Technician
    • Electrical Engineering Technologist
    • Electrical Project Engineer
  • Energy and Power Systems
    • Electrician Helper
    • Substation Technician
    • Plant Operator
    • System Dispatcher

Manufacturing and Machining

  • Airframe and Powerplant Mechanic
    • General Mechanic Trainee
    • Aviation Maintenance Mechanic
    • Aviation Maintenance Supervisor
  • CNC Operator
    • Assembly Technician
    • Entry-Level Machinist
    • CNC Operator
    • CNC Programmer
    • CNC Production Supervisor
  • Industrial Maintenance and Technology
    • Manufacturing Technician
    • Industrial Maintenance Technician
    • Lead Facility Maintenance Technician
    • Manufacturing Engineer Technologist
    • Industrial Engineer
  • Welding
    • Welder's Assistant
    • Certified Welder
    • Welding Technician
    • Certified Welding Inspector
    • Welding Engineer
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